Irathane Sprayable Coatings

Irathane has two sprayable coating products: 155 HS and S-355.

Irathane 155 HS

Irathane 155 HS is extremely resistant to moderate concentrations of both acid and alkaline solutions. Chemical resistance to slurries and water solutions is excellent at ambient temperatures.

Irathane S-355 Polyurea

Irathane S-355 Polyurea is the only “accepted and proven” Polyurea Spray for the resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion in the mineral processing industries worldwide.

Irathane S-355 Polyurea is a revolutionary development in elastomer coatings technology. Since it’s introduction this product has continually gained market acclaim.

Irathane S-355 Polyurea compound is a two component, M.D.I. base spray elastomer capable of satisfying severe demands with respect to corrosion, abrasion, containment, environmental compliance, ease of application, and long term performance.

This Irathane spray elastomer system is designed to provide exceptional membranes, and coatings with superior tensile, elongation, and tear strength properties.

Applications are continually developing which reduce down time, improve productivity, save valuable capital dollars, and reduce maintenance costs.

Major features of Irathane S-355 Polyurea elastomer include:

  • Contains no solvents for fast cure
  • High build, one coat capabilities
  • 100% solids availability with zero V.O.C.’s
  • Can be applied over a broad temperature range (40°F) to (140°F)
  • Service temperature range is (-25°F) to (180°F)
  • Outstanding physical and performance properties
  • Technology assures consistent reactivity that is not affected by moisture or temperature conditions. Set time is generally “TACK FREE” within 20 seconds. S-355 applications can be walked on in 60 seconds, and returned to full production service within one hour.

Typical Mining Products Protected

  • Flotation Cells
  • Rougher & Tailings Concentrate Tanks
  • Filter Tanks
  • Crusher Basins
  • Classifier Tanks
  • Trunnion & Trommel Sumps
  • Mill Shells
  • Screen Decks
  • Launder & Chute Liners

Partial List of Mining Customers:

  • Agrium Ontario, Canada
  • El Tiente Chile, S.A.
  • Falconbridge, Kidd Creek Ontario, Canada
  • Hibbing Taconite Co. Minnesota, USA
  • IMC, Esterhazy Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Inco, Sudbury Ontario, Canada
  • Inco, Voisey Bay Labrador, Canada
  • Ispat-Inland Steel Minorca Mine Minnesota, USA
  • Kennecott Copper Utah, USA
  • Montana Tunnels Montana, USA
  • National Steel Pellet Plant Minnesota, USA
  • Northshore Mining Minnesota, USA
  • USS-Minntac Minnesota, USA
  • USS-Keetac Minnesota, USA

More Information

Download PDF of Irathane S-355 Polyurea Brochure