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Flotation Equipment

Irathane Systems has been producing cast urethane flotation parts for all of the major flotation manufacturers for over 35 years. These products have been produced using proprietary compounds designed specifically for flotation applications. We are also capable of designing custom parts for any new or existing flotation cell.

Benefits of Irathane Flotation parts
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and replacement costs.
  • Superior resistance to sliding abrasion and impact.
  • Engineered to outwear rubber, polyethylenes, and conventional polyurethanes.
  • Highest quality construction with excellent dimensional stability for "an OEM fit."

  • Standpipe - Steel plate fabrication with 3/8-inch Irathane lining through the cylinder.
  • Skirt Board - Solid Irathane construction. Will not deteriorate like rubber.
  • Rotor - Balanced steel insert encapsulated in Irathane, designed to provide maximum Irathane cross section.
  • Disperser - Solid Irathane construction with integral bolting ring. No stator spacing ring required.
  • Adjustable Two-Piece Draft Tube Collar - Steel backing plate with 3/8-inch Irathane lining on inside diameter and 1/4-inch Irathane lining on bottom surface of base plate.